Bingo – it’s a way of life

There is a old saying; “Bingo is more than a game, it’s a way of life.” Bingo is played on every continent and in 90 percent of the countries around the world. With its ever-increasing jackpots, bingo has become big business. The game goes by other names like Housie-Housie (British/Australia) and Tombola, (Italian) but no matter where it is played or what it is called, the idea is the same: to cross off or cover a given amount of numbers before any other players do so. You can play it for fun, you can become a serious player or you can totally emerge yourself in it. No matter how involved you get there is some etiquette that should be followed so you and your fellow players will enjoy the game whether you win or not. Here are seven things to consider when going to a bingo hall.

  1. Don’t jump ahead in line for your cards or refreshments. Be polite and wait your turn.
  2. If someone attends bingo every week and prefers to sit in the same seat each time, don’t be upset or rude if he or she asks you to move.
  3. Don’t hog an extra chair for your belongings, if someone else needs that chair, give it up.
  4. Don’t spread your bingo cards and belongings all over the table, so that no one can sit there. Leave space for others.
  5. Be a good player and keep your conversation down during bingo play, this will allow others to hear the numbers without having to ask that they be repeated.
  6. Don’t be angry if someone else wins a game. Consider it their lucky night and wait for yours.
  7. Don’t yell at the caller or ticket sellers. Remember, at local bingo halls these people volunteer there time so you can enjoy the event. (You can yell at the casino though, because they pay the callers.)

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